Saturday, April 12, 2014

Countdown: days 28 to 19

WAS I extraordinarily busy last week that I wasn't able to update this site? I don't think so. Didn't really feel like blogging last week. With nothing else useful to say I didn't want to pollute the internet with nonsense. But I should stop explaining myself and get to my point. Here's a recap of the last 28 to 19 days to The End of Med School.


Met a patient named Lance. I saw her—yes, a six-year old female—at the out-patient OB-Gyne clinic. The doctors were too fond of her. She liked blue best of all. She loved reading. Her favorite subject was English and her favorite word was "window." She hated dolls but liked billiards. And she wanted to be a soldier.


Last LRDR* duty of our lives. Hardly managed a decent sleep during my 24-hour shift, but as Casti pointed to me, "Last eight hours, Papi!" I assisted in a Cesarean section, witnessed a fetus leap out of the mother's vagina (the bag of waters gushed out like Niagara Falls), and pulled stretchers here and there nonstop. Pushing and pulling those PGH stretchers is the closest thing I have to an upper body workout.


My stint at the Maternal ICU was uneventful. I was singing while doing my monitoring, when one patient told me, "Doc, kaboses mo si Michael Jackson."

"Buti hindi ko po kamukha," I said.


Thai massage.  Better than the usual Swedish massage I'd normally avail of. I don't really have massages regularly, but I wouldn't mind having one once in a while. I practically slept through the entire process. Hearing my spine crack was therapeutic. I could've slept right there and then.


Finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling, mainly to balance the heavy themes of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky's The Letter Killers Club. I'm finally getting back to the Potter series with new eyes and experiences, now that the fever is over, and everyone seems to have read all seven books. Leeca tells me Azkaban is her favorite. I think it will be mine, too.


Met with high school friends Gretchel, Michelle, and Vanessa. Haven't seen them in ages. Michelle is done with internship, and I made her feel my envy that night. Vanessa had a court hearing that afternoon. Ate Gretch also came from a tiring week. Praise God for their company!


Last OBAS* duty—on high-risk Friday, mind you—of our lives yesterday. Usually left at the OBAS alone, I practically interviewed almost all patients, but I'd rather write than push stretchers.

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