Sunday, February 16, 2014

Juan-Wei, the first wedding in my MBB block

CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend Juanchi Pablo and his wife, Vivian Tseng. They got married yesterday. Ah, the start of a new life together! I'm very happy for them.

juanchi and wei

Juanchi is the first person to get married in our small MBB (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) block—there are about 27 of us. He was my lab partner for most of our laboratory classes; that was why I got high grades in those subjects. He was my seatmate, too. We'd both get reprimanded for being too talkative. I would go so far as to argue that Juanchi is more talkative than me—but that's another subject.

With Checa and Juanchi
Myself, Checa Robles, and Juanchi Pablo. MBB 110 Lab Class, Albert Hall, ca. 2007.

Juanchi with the Block, ca. 2006.

I've always admired Juanchi for his deeply analytical and curious mind. He wouldn't—and couldn't—let our professors continue with the lecture unless he grasped a concept. Later he would graduate on top of our class as summa cum laude. But more than his brains, I've always been encouraged by his kindness and humility—he is a man who simply doesn't realize how good he is.

He then went on to pursue a PhD in Neurobiology at Duke University in the US. There he met Vivien, or Wei, who was taking a PhD in Pharmacology. She is from Taiwan. When two nerdy brains meet each other, there must be some chemistry involved—and it went quickly from there to the church wedding, where they said their vows.

I met Wei about a week ago. The couple had just flown in from the States. My blockmates and I thought, unanimously, that Wei was shy and reserved, two qualities that would balance an extrovert like Juanchi. The dinner was wonderful, and the couple looked self-conscious when my female blockmates inquired as to how Juanchi proposed and so on.

meeting juanchi and wei

I'm sharing photos from the wedding, all taken by our resident lifestyle photographer Hazel Baconga.

Juanchi and Wei.

juanchi and wei

juanchi and wei

With my MBB blockmates, whom I've missed very much. I never laugh as loudly and irritatingly as when I'm with them.

juanchi and wei

juanchi and wei

juanchi and wei

To Juanchi and Wei, we all say, "Kungrats beh!" May the Lord prosper and strengthen your marriage.

juanchi and wei



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