Friday, February 21, 2014

Coffee, puto bumbong, and funny words

THREE DAYS into OB-Gyn, and I miss my Community Rotation already. I'm sharing some photos I took during my six-week stint in General Emilio Aguinaldo (the town, not the hero), Cavite.

Coffee beans being air dried—a regular sight in front of houses and major roads. I guess you can safely say I've become a coffee drinker. I was offered coffee every where I went; it was offensive to refuse. The best cup I scored was at Kapeng Bailen, an unassuming stall just beside the Rural Health Unit. A cup cost Php 10—freshly brewed, which gave my tummy the right warmth on cold afternoons. Of course I had to suffer insomnia at night.

Coffee beans

Boulders and streams in what locals call Paliguang Aso (literally, where dogs come to bathe). We swam here. The water was so cold I thought I was going to get sick later. I had to jump out of the water after I saw an actual dog swimming a couple of meters upstream.


An unnamed karinderya right across the botika (pharmacy) made the best puto bumbong, the local delicacy.

puto bumbong

It was served with muscovado sugar. Here an old man—a retiree maybe—was enjoying his morning snack.

puto bumbong

With the locally brewed avocado leaf-pandan tea, it made a wonderful dessert.

puto bumbong pandan-avocado tea





A phrase I saw at Kuya Ian's barbershop, where I had a haircut thrice.

hila ka, balbon

Too bad this bakery was closing when we had visited. Did it serve sundaes, too?


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sof drink!
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