Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Pediatrics rotation in black and white

CLERK MARK Bitong celebrated his birthday days ago. He's a big boy now.

Mark Bitong

Ian Cabaluna looks serious. Uhm, Fanny Serrano, is that you?

Ian Cabaluna

Spotted: mga kapwa kalbo.

We bring you the best moments Jeggy

Before the SGD Casti says, "Beauty is temporary . . . " to which Bernie adds, pointing at Casti, ". . . But cute (sic) is forever." Nobody comes up with a riposte.

"Beauty is temporary, but cute [sic] is forever."

Gazing elsewhere.

Charlie, sleeping Casti

Busy with work. And pa-smile-smile din 'pag may time.

Agnes Miguel

Agnes cues us, "Mag-pose na kayo." And then I take a snapshot of her taking a picture of us.


I'll update this Flickr photo set regularly. I've missed taking pictures.



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