Monday, November 11, 2013

Block F at Mak Chang


MAK CHANG is a Korean restaurant along Adriatico Street. It's one of those places where you have to grill your meat to perfection, so expect to smell like your food when you go home. Shouting is the norm—come to think of it, the waiters shout a lot. They shout when someone comes in. They shout when customers give their orders. They shout when they talk to each other. Despite all the shouting, though, people can still hear each other. I like it. It's a truly happy place.

Jegar treated us there, part of the "retrograde" birthday celebrations coughed up by our social planner-extraordinaire Rich Chy, who figured that some blockmates have not given proper birthday treats and should do so before the year ends. Jegar's long-delayed treat coincided with the end of our Ophthalmology rotation.

The block was almost halfway through dinner when I had arrived. I'd been slaving away at the ER. I'd just finished my 12-hour duty shift at 7 am but had to extend my time because of the deluge of patients at the very last minute—The Story of My Life, ladies and gentlemen. Most of their corneas were perforated, and they had to be scheduled for operation immediately.

The pork galbi was my favorite. The sauce was sweet but not overpowering. Coupled with kimchi and a glass of cold saki, it was glorious. We devoured other selections in the menu, but the galbi is the only one I can remember—and spell.


As usual Agnes, whose mission is to capture the best moments in our internship year, did not disappoint. We took turns taking photos, of course. Oh, and Jana Mier joined us, too!

With Block F at Mak Chang

This photo of Jegar devouring his meal like there's no tomorrow cracks me up every time.


Lighthearted conversation with Casti and Charlie.

Priceless moments

It's a place to meet the woman of your dreams. Casti met his that night. It's easy to figure out whom he fell for. You only have to look at the picture. Haha!

Casti's women

Needless to say, we had been to Mak Chang a couple of nights before. Mami Berns brought Bruno, her boyfriend, who regaled us with stories of grilling and cooking. Not everyone made it—some people were too sick, thanks to a bad case of flu that got the better of us, myself included. We all enjoyed that first time that we immediately decided to do a part two.

Block F + Bruno

So that night, our second night at Mak Chang, ended with bouts of laughter and clean fun—just the way I like it. Just before we left we took this photo. What could Charlie and Agnes have been talking about?

partners in crime

The topic must've been profound, and the conversation must've gone like this.

Charlie: Nabusog ka ba?
Agnes: Oo, ang sarap!
Charlie: Order pa tayo ulit.
Agnes: Tara.

Check the entire Flickr set here. Most of the photos taken by Agnes Custodio, of course.



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