Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anita and Arnold Lobel's On Market Street: a pediatric guide to capitalism

FOUND AT the Sick Child Clinic today: On Market Street by Anita and Arnold Lobel. It's a picture book that illustrates the alphabet in beautiful shapes, patterns, and designs. Truth is, it's also an introductory lesson on shopping hoarding.

The story begins this way:

Picture book

A for apples. B for books. Ingenious.

Picture book

C for clocks—who's the talking pendulum clock in The Beauty and the Beast? O for oranges; surely he's had a good dose of vitamin C.

Picture book Picture book

F for flowers—the person looks like s/he's wearing a dress with floral designs. The U for umbrellas, which make him look like a knight in shining armor.

Picture book Picture book

I for ice cream! L for lollipops!

Picture book Picture book

And the parting words . . . .

Picture book

Picture book

So the story is about friendship after all, and capitalism, and why material gifts matter.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love picture books. If print dies out or becomes marginal paper picture books will remain.

Wed Nov 20, 02:37:00 PM GMT+8  

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