Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wired, not wireless


I DREAD going home these days. I will have to fix my computer. Since the random software update three days ago, Slowpoke—the name I call my rusty five-year old Compaq CQ40 laptop—could no longer connect wirelessly to the internet. I've been doing all sorts of things. I practically taught myself software troubleshooting. I'm convinced that the problem lies in the fact that the driver for my PCI (a Broadcom 4312 STA) is no longer installed. I've been trying to install it. I've spent five or six hours, probably more, downloading the kernels and what-nots through different means: Synaptic, the Additional Drivers key, the terminal—to no avail. It's frustrating.


MAYBE this is the answer to my time-management question—my wireless internet disconnection. Even if I've limited my Facebook interactions to at most three minutes a day, I still spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Maybe I should take on my Surgery textbook. Maybe I should read more books. Maybe I should catch up with friends face to face. Suddenly I have time to do every thing else, unhindered.

Technology often leads us to believe we do many things all at once when we hardly accomplish anything useful at all.


PRAISE BE to God for the healing He gave me. I never feel so mortal as when I'm down with the flu. My cough was brutal. Swallowing was a pain I had to think twice before eating or drinking anything. Who said Azithromycin no longer works? It still does, apparently—a three-day once daily dosing does wonders.


I'M HALFWAY through my rotation with the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Team (TCVS). The work they do is amazing. It's been fun, so far. Not every one gets to experience and witness open-heart surgeries, so it's very humbling to be rotating there—even for just a week.

UPDATE (September 25, 2013):

I'M WRITING this using Slowpoke that still runs on Ubuntu. I could not make myself go back to Windows—not yet. No, the PCI driver isn't installed yet. But I'm able to surf the web because of the five-meter LAN cable that physically connects my laptop to the modem. It's a wired, not wireless, connection. I might reformat soon, though, but the thought of transferring all my files and saving them elsewhere stresses me out. So maybe later.



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