Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blast from the past: my column for DormWatch in 2005

WHILE LALLYGAGGING on a Sunday morning, I reviewed my old emails and chanced upon a copy of the column I had sent for DormWatch, the official publication of the Dormitories Christian Fellowship. The letter was dated June 29, 2005. I was part of the group that ministered to the freshmen at the Kalayaan Dormitory and was asking for prayers and support.

* * *

WHEN I had first attended the Kalayaan Christian Fellowship (KalCF), there were more or less ten of us, excluding the upperclassmen who led us in the first semester—members of the Kalayaan Brigade, we were told. But when the Academic Year 2004-2005 ended, the fellowship had tremendously grown in number—there were more or less 30 regular attendees, and I even remember one fellowship where at almost 40 attended. It was, by far, the biggest KalCF in history, or so we were made to believe.

Both the amazing quantity and the worshipful quality of the fellowship we can only praise God for. After all, He is the source of everything, the giver of every perfect gift; and without His help and the sovereign outpouring of His grace, KalCF would not have even existed. We praise Him because He has touched the lives of the attendees, perhaps to the point of making them understand their need for salvation that could only come from Jesus Christ. By His grace, too, we were able to present the Gospel fully through our series on the fundamentals of faith and the Gospel. I can only hope that through our efforts in KalCF, we have been able to know Christ ourselves and make Him known.

This is, in fact, the main goal of the fellowship for this academic year—precisely to know Him and make Him known. It will be the central theme of the all the fellowships for both semesters; knowing Christ while serving Him is as important (or even more important) as the acts of service rendered.

Allow me then to give you an overview of what has happened to the past two fellowships we have had so far and what we plan to undertake in the succeeding ones. We have been inviting freshmen, but only few—and I mean three of them so far—have managed to attend. This has led us to undertake measures to increase the number of souls to whom we can minister to. We plan to invite more people, increase their awareness of the existence of this fellowship, and possibly even change the time and date of the fellowship, should they demand for it. I hope that we will all pray for KalCF, that the Lord may give these freshmen the eagerness to know Him. While an increased attendance is something we are fervently praying for, we are also geared towards undertaking a series on the Gospel presentation.

The Lord is mightily working in us and through us. It will do us good to remember that serving Him is not at all a burden but is, in fact, a privilege: we are serving the most holy and powerful God of the entire universe.



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