Saturday, January 15, 2011


Now that we're still on the subject of weddings, two of my friends from church got married this week. Congratulations to the new couple, Banjo and Jen Acuña!

Banjo is one of my kuyas in the Youth, undeniably the heaviest one. He can come up with the latest ice-breakers to make everyone welcome. He's also really funny without intending to be. Personally he has been a source of encouragement, especially in being mindful of the Lord in all things, even at work. And I also love listening to Banjo pray.

Ate Jen has beautiful penmanship. This I know because I used to sit in the row right behind her, and I'd look at her notes if I missed a passage that Pastor Bob mentioned. She is warm and congenial, and she hardly hesitates to share what God has done for or taught her recently. Clearly, hers is a life built on His grace.

When I learned about their engagement, it fell right on my face: what a wonderful couple they make! May God richly bless their marriage. I'm excited—and I'm sure they are, too—for what the Lord has in store for them.

(Photo: Benny Bondoc)



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