Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interesting take on Twilight

The subject of Twilight came up last night, during Kuya Mike Acosta's despedida arranged by Agape. He's leaving for Canada on Friday; he doesn't know when he comes back. We certainly hope we'd see him soon. Towards the party's end was a toast to the Lord's goodness in his life. The ceremony was decorated by a delicious sparkling juice, almost like a champagne, contained in paper and plastic cups which we held as if they were glasses. 

The operative word was "sparkling". Why does a drink have to sparkle, anyway? And why does Edward Cullen's skin sparkle, as if sprinkled with glitters or lavished with Colgate Mintirinse?

Migs Barnes had the best answer: "Pinagpapawisan lang siya."

(Photo: Tin Ang)

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