Saturday, April 10, 2010

Plans for summer

A few friends will go abroad, many will venture into high paying summer jobs, and still quite a few will brush up on the previous year's lessons to prepare for yet another year in medicine. I think majority will stay at home and do nothing remotely academic.

In my case, I'm going back to Koronadal at the end of April, right after my brother's graduation. These are things I aim to do this summer:
  • Read at least eight books. I'm not decided as to the titles yet, but they should cover the following categories: classical fiction, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, and Christianity.
  • Read previous transcriptions and do a self-review in anatomy, especially the OS 203 (Skin, Muscle, and Bones) part.
  • Work on stuff for the research project.
  • Help out in our local church, Marbel Evangelical Fellowship. I can help in the office work, even in teaching Sunday school, which my mother is committed to doing.
  • Visit my grandmothers, aunts and uncles, and cousins. 
  • Watch at least one movie with high school friends.
  • Keep idle moments to a minimum.
The last thing I want to happen is to find myself stretched out in bed the whole day, saliva drooling out of my mouth, because summer comes only once a year, and there are so many useful things to do.



Anonymous dane leonardo said...

hi lance! :) kmusta naman ang summer plans? waah. your blog reminded me of my summer list which i can't even start by the way because im stuck studying for OS 206.

sana kahit ung "learn how to ride a bike" magawa ko. haha. see you soon.

Wed Apr 21, 09:43:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Hi, Dane. So far, I've finished 3 out of the 8 books. Mahaba kasi yung isa. Yes, now is the perfect time to ride a bike. I suggest you choose somewhere grassy para di masyadong marami yung abrasions mo sa paa. Now is the perfect time to test your vestibular system to the test.

OS 206? Ah, may special test ka. Huwag masyadong perfect ha?

Wed Apr 21, 04:24:00 PM GMT+8  

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