Goodbye, Rotchelle

I just heard the news that my high school classmate, Rotchelle Padua, has passed away. I'll always remember her as the quiet, shy learner and the kind, gentle friend who never spoke ill of anyone. The last time I talked to her was through email. She wrote me, in January 27, the words, "Hello Lance! Always losing your phone huh?hehe"

I'm linking to her Youngblood article, published in the Inquirer, on March 19, 2009. (HT: May Che Capili). Our friends from Newton Class of 2000 will sorely miss her.


  1. condolence sa family & friends ni rotch :(

    & please tell kuya ralph congratulations. :)

  2. Gani man, Ate Karla. Ahay, wala gid namon na-expect.

    Manong says thank you! Ikaw, ready for Law na?


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