Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We took our grandmother to Intramuros this week. It was a first time for us. We did a lot of walking. Lola immediately got tired, so we finished the tour in two hours.  While we were having lunch, she decided to go out. Unfortunately she slipped and fell down the stairs. Thankfully she didn't injure herself, save for a small laceration on her forehead and a blackeye which, to this day, looks more like an eyeliner that hasn't been washed off.

I'm sharing photos from that tour.

When I saw this picture, I realized I picked the wrong shirt.

My grandmother

A favorite storybook of mine during childhood was entitled The Park Bench, written and illustrated by Japanese authors, whose names I've already forgotten. This photo reminds me of that story.

The park bench

Here's an old entrance to a dilapidated building. I would love to live in houses that look like this.


The heat was terrible it lulled this kalesa driver to sleep.


I like how this vine was protruding from the dry walls.


A romantic scene.


From the looks of it, Rizal was a really short guy.

Jose Rizal is so short

I loved the typography employed by the Intramuros curators. Here's an example:


There were many tourists around, but the Japanese remain the noisiest.

Japanese tourists

Overlooking the Park was Pasig River. This photo reminds of the closing scene in the movie Les Miserables.

Pasig River

A busy bridge.


It was a fun experience for us. Do visit here if you have time. They charge Php 50 for students (don't forget your ID) and Php 100 for adults. I think I'll drop by here sometime in the future to finish a book or study.



Blogger Mindy said...

I know that scene in Les Mis that you mentioned. And I agree. Great pictures, Lance! :)

Wed Apr 28, 07:12:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Buti naman may nakarelate. Thanks, Mindy!

Wed Apr 28, 08:55:00 PM GMT+8  

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