Friday, January 8, 2010

True pleasure is found in God alone

Augustine's Confessions is a book that should be read slowly. I'm now in Book 2: Augustine's Sixteenth Year. During this time, he confesses to having lusted after women, committed fornication, and stolen a pear with evil friends. He calls his youth the time when he "burned to get (his) fill of hellish things."

He writes:
But I, poor wretch, foamed over: I followed after the sweeping tide of passions and I departed from you. I broke all your laws, but I did not escape your scourges. For what mortal man can do that? You were always present to aid me, merciful in anger, and charging with the greatest bitterness and disgust at all my unlawful pleasures, so that I might seek after pleasure that was free from disgust, to the end that when I could find it, it would be in none but you, Lord, in none but you.



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