Definitely, Maybe


While my roommate is reading in advance for the upcoming exam this Thursday—and mind you, the lectures on the topic haven't even begun—I've been watching a movie. You'll laugh at this, but the film is a love story called Definitely, Maybe. It was shown in 2008. I had no idea it existed until now.

There's nothing spectacular, except that I enjoyed listening to the little girl (Abigail Breslin) egging her father (Ryan Reynolds) to talk about his love escapades—think How I Met Your Mother, but with less hilarity.

The most important message of the story: write meaningful messages in a book you're about to give. Especially if it's Jane Eyre. It gives the book a deeper, more personal meaning—that it actually came from someone. And might I add: read the book first before handing it. Unlike t-shirts, the value of a book doesn't decrease if it has been first used by the giver. Just don't crumple the pages.

And what do I think about the movie in general? If you've seen one love story, you've probably seen them all. This one's not an exception to that rule.


  1. hey! i recently watched that film, as well. :)
    "read the book first before handing it." - I agree! :)

  2. Haha, what a funny coincidence. What d'you think about it?

  3. I love this movie. And yes, writing on books, reading it and giving it..:)


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