Lunching with MBB friends

These pictures were taken in 2006 in our MBB 110 (Molecular Microbiology) class. I'm meeting my blockmates today for lunch. I hope, when we see each other, we'll see more maturity and wisdom. Can't wait.

Jean, Checa, Cheese. "Laguna girls ROCK!"

Juanchi, Dianne, Titus, Ate JC (from a batch higher than us)

Wegs, Myself, Hazel, Pisay. My 110 groupmates.
The Group Three

Jana, CS (from a higher batch), Arielle, Aldrin (who eventually left us for Chem)

. . .

UPDATE 01/10/10. Lunch at Kamirori, then games at Friispirit (Rockband, Dragonball, and Cranium), all in Katipunan.

(Photo: Kino)


  1. lance, i had a lot of fun today :D

  2. Me too, Checs. Videoke tayo sa susunod. For your approval, of course. At mag-welcome remarks ka, ha?


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