Sunday, November 22, 2009



Whenever I'd read Paul's letters, I would imagine how he must have looked or sounded like. He practically had everything—a great education, a lofty status in society, and a comfortable wealth—before he knew Christ. But his world turned around during that episode on the road to Damascus where Jesus spoke to him.

Eventually, Paul began telling others about the great news of salvation, renouncing all worldly things, calling them rubbish (Philippians 3:8) compared to the surpassing knowledge of knowing the Lord. He became a major character in the New Testament, having written most of the books contained therein.

In introducing himself to the Romans, he called himself a slave of Christ (Romans 1:1). In those days, being called a slave was an insult, but Paul considered slavery to Christ true freedom and a great privilege. Jesus, after all, meant the world for him.

While Pastor Oscar Villa was sharing these things in church this morning, he was also asking us to examine ourselves if we have the same heart as Paul had. And now, as I'm meditating what I learned during that preaching, I ask myself if I have that Christ-is-my-master mentality, if my life is completely subject to His lordship.

Thank You, Lord, for these reminders.



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