Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching up over dinner

Perhaps the previous months have been too unforgiving in terms of work or school. I say this because I couldn't remember a night when my friends and I from the Youth Workers Cell ate out for dinner in the last five months. We used to do that—eating together—on a regular basis.

God has been gracious in giving us time to fellowship with each other elsewhere. One thing I cherish about my friends is their love for the Lord, something that manifests in even in dinner table conversations. I am, in Pastor Bob's words, sanctified by them.

So we all had a great time catching up with one another, listening to stories from work, or sharing online links to download this or that preaching. I feel weird saying this because we see each other every week. But food makes all the difference, I guess.

I'm sharing some pictures from A Veneto, a neat restaurant in Trinoma, where we ate.

From my side.

The other side.

Just as we were about to go home.

And oh, here's Banjo's wonderful t-shirt, wonderfully demonstrating that figure of speech called irony.

(Photos: Ate Meann)



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