Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How she looks like now

After a long break, we were dismayed to find Big Bertha hosting an army of bugs, maggots, and other fungal infestations. Her extremities were covered with white, powdery streaks. Her flesh was partially chewed up by the insects. On her face, worms were crawling. And she didn't smell any better.

This didn't come as a shock to us, of course. Early in the sem, we already expected the worst to happen. Joreb, our youngest, was probably even disappointed when he didn't see mushrooms sprouting.

As we were finished disinfecting her (and injuring ourselves with the itchy and painful phenol burns), relief came to us when we realized Bertha's abdominal organs were still intact, fit for anatomical study. Yesterday, we cut her open, took out her intestines, and checked to see what she had for dinner before she had died. The last part's a joke, obviously, but why I'm telling you these things, at 3:33 AM, is something I don't quite understand myself.



Anonymous elleica said...

hehe.. this post is something i would enjoy and my sister would find morbid. how i wish i could also do anatomical dissections but medicine is not my turf.

Fri Nov 20, 10:28:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Dissection sections are fun if you choose to have fun. But it does get backbreaking, as some vessels are hard to explore. Sige lang, I'm sure you're called to do other things, and I hope you'd enjoy it there, too. :D

Sat Nov 21, 09:31:00 AM GMT+8  

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