Saturday, January 6, 2007


Dear Bottle,

You've been through much last year. You got scratched. Parts of you have been broken and cracked after you bumped into some cold, hard walls. It was all too painful. I remember that you groaned in pain. With tears overflowing, you asked to be delivered from where you were because you thought you no longer could endure.

How much hurt does one bottle have to feel to learn and re-learn its lesson? It definitely took you more than once, Bottle. You were proud. You thought you were sparkling with glory. You thought you stood out from the crowd. You thought you were polished enough. You thought you were far better than others. Yes, you thought of a lot of these, but you didn't think enough.

But you must be eternally grateful, for the Bottler has never once left you nor forsaken you. When you looked like a bottle fit to be thrown into the garbage bag, you still boasted. But instead of breaking you into pieces, he picked you up. He placed you in the blazing furnace, but never once did his hand lose control of you. Yes, at that very moment, you were crying in pain, for every second that passed saw your gradual deformation. But do you realize, Bottle, that it was all for the better?


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