Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two sides of the bottle

My friend Wegs' sister, Ate Kate, tagged all the blogs listed in her sidebar because, as she put it, "it's cool like that." I've never met her personally, although I've commented in some of her entries, to which she answered back. I guess that makes us acquainted. I look forward to seeing her personally, though. I might just tell her how horribly talkative Wegs is during class.

So here's the meme:

Thanks to blogging

I allow the other hemisphere of my brain to function, the part that's supposed to be artistic and linguistic and poetic. Most of the time the writing I do is for my scientific paperwork--in other words, my lab reports. I'm not allowed to be expressive, I'm demanded to be straight to the point. I'm not allowed to be verbose, I'm demanded to fit everything into a 200-word abstract. I'm not allowed to imagine, I'm demanded to recall all the experimental steps in sharp detail. I'm not allowed to be humorous, I'm demanded to sound like the narrators in Discovery Channel. So when the rigors of schoolwork get into me, I write about some other things. That way, I preserve my sanity.

I get the chance to glorify God. Through what I write, I'm able to illustrate the faithfulness of our Lord. I'm also able to reflect upon His goodness and thank Him for everything. In my first podcast, I said that I want this to be my own version of the Psalms. Of course, my blog pales in comparison to the Bible, but it allows me to write for Him and about Him. Many friends have also emailed me as to how they've been edified by the things I've written about. It gives me great pleasure to know how God has used my personal experiences to minister to their own spiritual lives.

I connect with friends. I don't have to send them individual emails. By updating my blog, I'm able to give them a picture of the ins and outs of my so-called bottled life. In the same way, blogging has allowed me to know what's been happening to them.

No thanks to blogging

I waste my time. Instead of praying or studying or sleeping, I'd sometimes blog first.

I hurt my eyes. Too much exposure to my monitor's radiation due to prolonged blogging destroys my eyesight.

I hereby tag the following:

Jef Sala
, Paul Balite, Katrina Alvarez, Ralph Catedral, Rapunzel Tomacder, Jacquelyn Libatique


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