Saturday, September 23, 2006

Let me rephrase

Woke up at 4:45. In the morning. Took a freezing bath. Donned my red shirt. Packed my malong. Ran all the way to Quezon Hall. Saw people with banners and props and regional costumes.

Thought: "This must be it. The Araling Pilipino 12 Challenge: Suroy-suroy, Vochong, at Lalolalorar."

Approached my groupmates. Practiced the cheer.

Sugod, sugod
Dili ta magpapildi

Program started. Marched to the Arboretum. Yes, from the UP Oblation to U-Ave to Philcoa, then finally, to Arboretum! Chanted. Set-up the Challenge Stations. Hungry.

The challenges: wika, panitikan, at kultura. Interesting highlights: the challenge food, the message relay (lines from the T'boli epic Tudbulul), the literal blind map.

Rained hard. Wet all over. Still hungry.

Ate lunch at FC. Received dole outs from Regions 2 and 5. Sarap ng food!

We were challenged. Ate raw shrimp (CARAGA). Swallowed durian. Solved puzzles. Ran. Walked. Sighed. Almost collapsed.

Finally, awards night. Then this entry. And then, sleep.

Readers, especially to my groupmates under Professor Fabros: more photos posted here and here.


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