Saturday, September 16, 2006

Renting and crashing

It started with a joke really, but the moment Wegs began planning at the back of her mind how things were to proceed, everything was sealed. With her spearheading all the planning, the MBB '09 Block Movie Marathon finally came to pass. I think everyone somehow needed the break; the previous week had left us all breathless, our shoulders heavy with academic load, our neurons distraught with lab reports and what-nots.

Juanchi was kind enough to host us for the night. We ate dinner at Bento Box, proceeded to his house which was nearby, and watched the musical, Rent, whose melodies still ring into my ears--it must be the proverbial Last Song Syndrome. Do they have medication for that? We also watched Crash, a terrifyingly, shockingly good movie, on racism, justice, and, yes, readers, world peace.

In the morning, we packed our things, and rushed to McDonald's for breakfast.

Out of the blue, we decided to do something creative. Here's our version of "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

More pictures: the block at Juanchi's; and the breakfast.

It was such a delightful time to unwind, and I did get a decent sleep, with chattering voices humming in the background of my dreams.



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