Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I listened to you, and I felt sorry

Dear Classmate,

When it was your turn to speak for the extemporaneous speech in class, I listened very attentively. As soon as you mentioned the word "religion" with such sarcasm and hate; I gripped the armchair, and deep inside, I was hoping that you weren't an atheist. While listening to you, I had to bow my head, cover my eyes, and pray.

You told us that, as a child, you didn't grow up knowing God nor practicing religion--you didn't even know if you had one. Your parents, you said, were of different backgrounds: your mother was Catholic, your father was Buddhist. You went on to say that you were "lost in the light;" your family never attended Church services; you never prayed together. Perhaps, you never even talked about God.

In my heart of hearts, I felt compassion for you. It is never religion that saves us, after all. It is Christ. And so, I felt the need to share to you the Gospel message, that which has radically changed my life, that sweet, old message of grace unmeasured and love unparalleled: that Jesus died for the sins of underserving sinners like us. I'm praying for that opportunity of telling you about God, about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit, about Biblical Christianity. You may find yourself lost in the light because the people who are in darkness prefer to hide under the shadow of the dirt and grime of their sins. But I challenge you, Classmate: come to Christ, the true and living Light, and you will find Him.



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