Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Quotables from blogger friends

Jacquelyn Libatique:

A man is wise only if he does not act like a foolish man, not only if he thinks like a wise man. It is indeed hard to hold on to truth, and to always live it is so much harder.

Ralph Catedral:

If there is one thing that I learned to imbibe from the University, particularly from the College of Arts and Letters, it is the lifestyle of thinking. Indeed, we were taught not merely to read, but to read keenly and carefully—paying attention to the minutest detail of a work of art or a piece of literature. We were taught not merely to produce them, but to consider acutely how we do them and why we do them. We were taught quite a handful of theories, and poetics, and techniques that will serve valuable in the honing of our craft and the understanding of our subject; but along with these, we were also taught to struggle with them, hoping to evaluate them not merely on the merits of their logic, but also on their political and historical contexts.

Kent Kawashima:

'nuff said.