Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Goin' around

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The rumor is true. I went jogging.

I’ve just finished studying a couple of chapters for the lab exam tomorrow when Rey, one of my roommates for the summer, asked me, “Lance, can I borrow your jogging pants?”

I said I had used it the night before, but I said I had another one in my closet, and that he could borrow it. We never really know what’s inside our lockers until we actually determine to catalogue everything, which I would probably never do. I didn’t find the pants, so Rey settled into wearing shorts.

He was tying his shoe laces when, out of the blue, my mouth exploded like Mt. Krakatoa, “Can I go jogging with you, Rey?”

He was taken aback, of course, as any normal human being who knows me well would. So far, my old roommate Art has been unsuccessful in inviting me to go jogging with him, and he has, to exaggerate it, invited me a million times already, and I’ve given him a million excuses, too. Alibis like “I have a lab rep to finish” or “I have an exam tomorrow.”

I really hadn’t thought too deeply about it—about jogging, I mean. And then, when Rey said, “Sure, Lance!” two major considerations emerged.

One, if I’d go jogging with an extremely muscular and physically active man like him, I’d be left behind, struggling with my breath. Out of courtesy, he’d stop, run back to me, and offer me medical help if necessary. I didn’t want to distort his jogging game-plans—I’m not that type of perssssun.

Two, if I’d go jogging, my muscles would get sore—due to lactic acid formation because of anaerobic respiration in the muscles—after such a strenuous activity, and that was a huge risk I had to take. I’d be too tired to study for my exam tomorrow because, then, I’d already be sleeping like a log, tired with droopy eyes.

But I did jog with him. It was a shame though that I didn’t bring the camera with me. While I was gasping for breath while Rey jogged like a pro, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful scenery that is UP Diliman. It was wonderful—with the children playing, with sweaty people with sweaty underarms with their sweaty dogs going around, smelling the remaining oxygen in Metro Manila!

Rey has proven to be a wonderful companion, and I told him, “Know what? You’d make a good PE instructor.” He told me of the importance of warm-ups and –downs. When I was about to drop out of tiredness, he’d knock my senses out by saying, “For a first timer, Lance, you’re doing well.”

I’m extremely thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to unwind. Rarely does this happen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

three cheers and a gazillion golden stars for you! :)

Wed May 10, 01:11:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever lance... hahahahaha :D

Wed May 10, 09:51:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow lance what a term: LACTIC ACID FORMATION DUE TO ANAEROBIC RESPIRATION IN MUSCLE CELLS?! hindi ba "F_R_E_T_T_O_" lang iyon, tama ba?

Thu May 11, 02:23:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey. new look again. =)

one thing you need to learn in jogging: breathe.

i think you'll be jogging again next week. =)

Thu May 11, 07:03:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe. yes, I changed the color theme to something orange. wala lang. spur of the moment. hehe. yes, as a matter of fact, kuya, I jogged again!

Fri May 12, 01:42:00 AM GMT+8  

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