Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Listening to molecular carols this Christmas. Part Two.

And I continue:

The CS Carol Fest ended with us smiling widely. After all, the MBB Choir wowed the audience: they sang with much fervor that it made our mammalian fur shiver. In singing competitions, that’s always a plus.

Anyway, I proceed with my tale. This time, the victory party. Still filled with the rush-hour excitement of winning, I heard people shouting, “So, saan ang victory party?”

“Sa Albert na lang. Malapit.” [Albert Hall is the home of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology].

“Sino’ng may gusto sa Eastwood, sa Libis?”

Opinions were varied, and so were the voices that made them. And so, after quite a few minutes of debate, they’ve decided to hold it in Libis.

And so, like a chaff that’s being dragged by the wind, I went with the group. After all, we were supposed to be treated to a sumptuous dinner by Sir Carlo, one of the instructors I think. I was hesitant at first because of these two valid reasons: 1.) I am not a member of the choir and 2) I am not a member of the MBBS. I told these to my blockmates (the people I shall be graduating with four years or so from now, God willing), but they still nudged me on.

“Just go with us.”

And off I went with them, some forty or so MBB students, mostly upperclassmen, and some of the other instructors. The party was in Gerry’s Grill, a superb restaurant in Libis. We ate omelet, sisig, fish and many more—one of my weaknesses is naming the food I’m eating; I even find it difficult to differentiate pork from beef—that made me feel so full that, for a moment, I imagined that I was getting fat. In dreams, man.

In dreams.


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