Saturday, December 10, 2005

Listening to molecular carols this Christmas

When Angela and Juanchi sounded so terribly convincing, I knew that I had no other choice but to join them. I asked myself: Why not sacrifice a few hours of my time watching the CS Carol Fest at Aldaba Hall? Why not contribute my presence to support my fellow MBB (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) majors? And oh, why not take a breather from lab reports and quizzes and exams to listen to comforting Christmas music?

"Why not? Sige, I'll go with you," I told them.

It wasn't really a hard decision to make: since I had shifted, I've never really involved myself in any of the College of Science's (CS) activities.

We first dined with Ciara at Lutong Kapitbahay, walked all the way to Yakal because I needed to brush my teeth and get a decent jacket, then proceeded to Aldaba Hall where we saw groups of people who wore the same attire and carried colorful props around.

The show started promptly, as soon as the hall was opened. Nine CS organizations competed for the prize, and they were pretty much (I like this term; it reminds me of my MBB 10 classmate, Patrick) prepared and in high spirits.

The MBB Society Choir was the last to perform. When they began singing the Eye of the Tiger, I knew they were going to win it. The arrangement was wonderful, the singers were great, and the choreography was amazing. It didn't surprise me to learn that they gained an average of 91 %, followed by the UP Chemical Society (77 %), and the UP Pre-Medical Honor Society (75 %).

But this is only half of the story. Afterwards, we were treated to a late, late dinner -- almost like an early, early breakfast -- in Libis, but that's another entry.


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