Friday, December 2, 2005

December na!

It suddenly occurred to me that the temperature air has gotten cold with fresh, crisp air, a sure reminder that Christmas is here!

While I do appreciate the cooler temperature in the morning, the one thing I necessarily detest is the icy water. Of course, that’s never a problem if you don’t have classes or work early in the morning. But for students like me who need to wake up day after day, whereupon encounter the refrigerated feeling of H-two-O in the process of showering, it is always a difficulty. When the water is frigid, the time it takes for me to take a bath is prolonged. In scientific terms, temperature is inversely proportional to the time of bathing. The cold makes me rather unproductive.

Upon undressing, I would gently twist the shower knob. Tiny drops of water would squirt out of the shower head, and then slowly, slowly, very slowly, I would draw near the trajectory of water: first, my head, and then my arms, then my feet. Lastly, I would drench my torso, my upper body. I always make it a point to do that step last because then, I would have to muster all my energy to jump and utter howls like AAAAARGGGGH, a few of my adaptations to sudden fluctuations in temperature.

As soon as the rest of my body becomes acclimatized to the glacial cold, I would resume to normal modes of bathing: shampooing, scrubbing, rinsing, then towelling. When I would check the clock, the time it had taken me to do all those would be 1.5 times the time it would take under normal Philippine conditions.

Don’t get mad at me, though. During mornings, cold water is never a plausible excuse for late-ness in school.


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