Thursday, December 28, 2023

Unearthing the cringe-worthy archives

After the blog redesign, in which I reverted back to the first-generation Blogger template look by Douglas Bowman, I began reading my old blog posts. I've been thinking long and hard about deleting/hiding them from view, but, cringe-worthy and poorly written as those posts may be, they remind me of who I once was. Those posts feel like they've been written by someone else. I can change my mind, of course, but those posts are, for the meantime, here to stay, hidden in the archives, but discoverable by the curious. 

Unearthing the past can be cathartic. Nostalgia hit me when I read what I wrote about Tatay's 60th birthday. This was in 2011. He was so alive—and I believe he truly is, in heaven, and, figuratively, in our hearts and minds.


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