Saturday, December 30, 2023

Under new labels

Did some spring cleaning here and re-organized the major labels. 

  • Books/Reading: My latest reads, book recommendations, and thoughts on the writing life.
  • Blogging: In which I share my latest CSS tweaks and general thoughts about blogs, which, according to many, are dying. I disagree.
  • Daily: The daily grind. Also known as the "wastebasket" category, in which I clump posts that I can't otherwise categorize.
  • Faith: On Christianity, theology, and spirituality.
  • Film/Music: On movies, TV shows, and music. 
  • Medicine: All things medical. My own experiences and reflections on internal medicine and oncology. Might also contain slide sets and links to journal articles — so it's easy for me to keep track.
  • Pens: Fountain pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks.
  • Travel: In which I share stories about where I've gone.
  • Typewriter: I love typewriters. They don't make them anymore.

Removed photography and journals because I clumped them under Daily. Watching+listening is now under Films/Music. I removed links entirely. 

Because this post is about my tweaks in this blog, it's categorized under Blogging.



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