Sunday, July 19, 2020

Call for help for Dr. Karen Senen, neonatologist from PGH

Dr. Karen Abat-Senen—neonatologist, singer, and fountain pen enthusiast—has been readmitted.

The joy of a doctor who had recovered from COVID-19 was cut short after she again tested positive for the virus a few days after she left the hospital.

According to Ivan Mayrina's report on "24 Oras," Dr. Karen Abat-Senen could not hide her joy and even posted a video of her singing on July 3, the day she went home after a month of confinement at the Philippine General Hospital.

However, a few day later, the doctor experienced worse symptoms.

I took the liberty to re-post this from Dr. Hope Sagayaga's Facebook feed.

Please include our hospital Neonatologist in your prayers. Dr. Senen is a dedicated and passionate pediatrician with a heart of service for the Filipino babies. She is the wife of Dr Jerome Senen, (also a pediatrician) and mother of two. Both are UP College of Medicine alumni.

[Reposting] Help and prayers for Dra. Karen Abat-Senen.

This is a call for help. Dra. Karen's condition has gone from bad to worse. Her lungs cannot take in oxygen because of the inflammation caused by the infection. They placed her in prone position to help improve oxygen intake, however, her condition still regressed. She, right now, is in a very bad state. An option offered by the her physicians is to have her plugged to an ECMO machine. The problem is, UP PGH does not have an ECMO machine. They will try to make arrangements to borrow one for us to rent which comes at a steep price. Initial cashout needed is 750k Php and daily rate afterwards is 20k Php. Now, once she is placed in ECMO support, she would need lots of blood, O+ blood, not necessarily from COVID 19 survivors. For blood donations, they may walk-in at the Blood Donor Center at the back of Ward 3 or they can also call 0947-4882817 to coordinate. Please let the blood be earmarked for KATHLYNNE ANNE A. SENEN.

FOR BLOOD DONATIONS: Click on this link:

There's still so much we don't know about the virus.

My friends from the front lines tell me the situation is worsening. The ER and wards are full. Patients present with severe symptoms, and many die after 3 to 5 days, only to be followed by many new ones.

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