Saturday, December 22, 2018



Today was extraordinarily gloomy, with overcast skies and the occasional drizzle—my favorite version of God-ordained weather, as I do not care much for the sun, given that I live in the tropics, and discomfort from too much heat is a daily reality. Today was extraordinarily relaxing, too, because I had no errands and therefore had the entire day off. I chose to spend it on intermittent naps, books (hardbound and electronic), and Netflix (currently on Silvana Sin Lana, whose Spanish-speaking characters have Filipino emotions and proclivities—highly recommended by mother, so how could I say no?). I came across this passage from T.H. White's The Once and Future King, where Arthur, called Wart, asks Merlyn the magician to turn him into a bird. Before Merlyn answers, T.H. White launches into a beautiful description of the landscape, the kind that makes me long for pure, black-and-white classic stories like the one I'm reading now, where good always prevails, and the trees are lovely. I love passages like this, innocent and untainted, a respite from a world gone wrong.



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