Saturday, December 22, 2018

A year since finishing residency

IMax Jo Dane wedding

I was so glad to meet up with some friends from my batch in PGH-Internal Medicine—as if, of course, we need catching up, this despite the fact that we bump into each other at the hospital on a weekly basis. Jay is pursuing further studies in Maryland, USA. Roland is in Pulmonology. Everly will pursue further studies abroad next year, having just finished her colorful stint as the department's Chief Resident (congratulations, Chevs!). Bea is in Endocrinology. Carla is in Pulmonology. Racquel is in Endocrinology. Rich is in Medical Oncology. Jeremiah is in Hematology. Roger is in Medical Oncology, too. This was snapped during Kuya Dane and Jo's wedding last Sunday. I just wanted to memorialize this photo here to remind myself that a year has passed since we finished residency. We're in different fields now, busy with various careers, but inside, trappings and degrees aside, we're still the same noisy, sleep- and food-loving people who care for accurate diagnoses and properly-worded clinical histories.



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