Saturday, September 29, 2018

September is ending

I bump into colleagues during rounds and often get asked if I still blog. My answer is always that yes, I still do, but it's hard to make time. These colleagues are probably too busy with their own lives to even bother reading blogs, let alone mine, and their dose of online presence is probably limited to Facebook, Instagram, and PubMed. Still, it touches me that they remember.

I force myself to remember to write here as often as I can, if only to exercise the habit of organizing my thoughts into words. The reason for my less than frequent posting is that I already spend most of the day writing--but of the more technical kind, as in medical charting or drafting research proposals. More often than not, however, I find that I have nothing to say. Sure, I can write about my life, but will that elevate the level of discourse among my supposed readers?

Nevertheless, I find that writing is therapeutic. This here is a space where I can share my thoughts freely. My thoughts are not necessarily original: I post excerpts of books and websites, and perhaps I should post more about oncology and internal medicine, directed both to the laymen (and -women) and the specialists. The lack of structure, of a general theme, of this blog is intrinsic to its nature. I write whatever pleases me and wish that it pleases the reader as well.

September is about to end, and what a year this has been for me: a rollercoaster of events, both personal and professional. During many moments I wondered if I would ever get through, but by God's grace, I am where I am. New residents are about to join in our fold at the hospital, and I'm just a few months away from the beginning of my final year of clinical fellowship.

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Blogger Unknown said...

"perhaps I should post more about oncology and internal medicine"
Do! That would be interesting and might help you post more frequently. :-D

Wed Oct 03, 03:18:00 AM GMT+8  

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