Saturday, March 3, 2018

Stories from trash

Erica Cirino, writing for National Geographic, on plastic pollution: a message from nature, an opportunity for art.

On the beach I collected plastic for about an hour, focusing mostly on its tall cliffs. That’s where a lot of lighter trash blows—things like balloons and rope and plastic bottles. The beach was generally covered with household trash: lots of food wrappers and containers, lighters, pens and construction debris. When I finally got down to the wrack line, my backpack was bulging, but I wanted to see if I could find any unusual items that had recently washed ashore.

Immediately my eyes were drawn to something that wasn’t plastic: a decaying rose bouquet that had been tossed on the beach. Was it to memorialize someone? Was it to celebrate a Valentine? Was it from a wedding?

If I see trash along the shore, I think of the irresponsible people who once frolicked there. Erica Cirino's is an interesting perspective.



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