Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hello from the Other Side



Students get extremely competitive during Jeopardy, our twice-monthly (we do our best) quiz show of sorts, patterned after the classic American TV show of the same name. Taking the lead from previous Gen Med seniors who've already graduated, we hold this contest to review students about basic concepts in Medicine, prepare them for the board exam, give incentives for reading up on the cases they handle at the wards, and give them a fun, albeit loud, time learning. Mervyn Leones heads this committee. He's deeply passionate in teaching students and, as one of the members of the Undergraduate Committee, he knows almost all students by name and can recite them from memory. He comes up with "themes." This morning, for example, was "Board Exam," with many of the questions being famous for their popularity as items in the boards. It goes without saying that today is the start of the Physician Licensure Examination. (For this, we wish our graduates the best!)

I was tasked to operate the PowerPoint. JC Feliciano helped with the making of questions. Nico Pajes manned the scoreboard. Racquel Bruno monitored the buzzers. Mervyn was on a roll, like the seasoned game show host that he is!


I remember that, as a student, I had enjoyed Jeopardy, too, and that our former seniors--Sir Joey Duya, Ma'am Abby Uy, Sir Pao Vergara, Sir Jonray Magallanes--used to take the time and effort to make all these slides and formulate all sort of pakulo to make IM memorable. It is in this spirit that we make the same sacrifices as well.

We were so encouraged to see our students answer, "INH Toxicity" (in the symptom salad category), enumerate five purely transudative causes of pleural effusion during the Final Jeopardy, and identify "spider angiomata."

Lots of boo-ing and cheering were involved, too, even from the service seniors, especially now that each service can make use of "action cards," including the option to take points from a leading competitor with the highest points. But all were in good faith.

See you all next time!



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