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Internal Medicine Ward: Weeks 3 and 4 (June 12-25, 2011)

MISERY loves company. And while Internal Medicine wasn't especially miserable, it was hard nevertheless, and good company was always a welcome treat. On our final two weeks at the wards we met Block E, a more outgoing group to whom we took an instant liking.

Expect lots of group shots after the cut.

I love this photo; we all looked so happy! With Rich Chy, Matt Chang, Ricky Cariño, Leeca Caro, Casti Castillo, and myself, finishing our paperwork and updating our charts at Ward 3.

ward 3

Inside the callroom: bestfriends Franco Catangui and Jegar Catindig. Concep Cenizal was hiding behind Jegs.

kfc and jegs

Was flanked by Casti and Leeca, among my dearest friends in Medicine.

casti, myself and leeca

With Leeca, Mati Cheng, Chris Chua, Dr. Joti Tabula, Bon Buño, Casti, Jimpo Berba, Coy Cabanilla, and Berbi Berba, just before the afternoon endorsements.

ward 3

Inside our third world-ish callroom whose only redeeming quality was the airconditioning. With Bon, Agnes Custodio, Franco, Matt, Rich, Ricky, Coy, Chris, and Casti.

third world-ish callroom

Still yet another group shot!

with blocks e and f

We wouldn't let our ward rotation pass without the mandatory Block F pose. Dr. Duya choreographed this. Casti was doing the monitoring and had to be dragged to participate. Here he looked like a consultant of sorts. Rich King, the straight IM intern, also joined us.

Block F, Internal Medicine

As I mentioned earlier we encountered Block E on our final two weeks. Our blocks were a match, like we've known each other for a long time. I had the privilege of meeting Chris Chua (from Cebu Institute of Medicine), Mati Cheng (from UERM), Concep Cenizal (from PLM), and Matt Chang (from CIM), post-graduate interns with unquestionable work ethic and competence. We in Block F are excited to work with them again--hopefully in Surgery in a couple of weeks.

Blocks E and F

Will update this as soon as more photos are uploaded.

(Photo credits: Leeca Caro and Agnes Custodio.)

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