Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Binge eating

TO CELEBRATE the end of Internal Medicine, Block F went to an eat-all-you-can resto for dinner last July 24. We've been eating a lot since internship started, but it was the first time as a block that we dined in a place as far away as Pasay City and as expensive as Buffet 101. Our "reservation" was at 6:30 PM, but we started an hour later. The traffic along Roxas Boulevard was atrocious. Nevertheless the night was filled with laughter and fascination as we reminisced the weeks that have passed, filling our bellies with unlimited food. I praise God for the grand time we all had. My blockmates—they make excellent company, both inside and outside the hospital. Below are photos taken using Agnes's huge camera.

block f

Migz, Jana, Casti, and Charlie, taking a break after the first round. We all wanted to make the most out of the money we paid for the eat-all-you-can. The technique was to pace one's self accordingly—which was hard work.

migz jana casti charlie

Good food!


The only two girls in our block. On our first lunch months ago, the time I met our post-graduate interns, Bernie told Agnes, "I have a feeling we'll be very close friends."

agnes and bernie

Casti, among my dearest friends in med school, seemed to know the corners where the best food was served, so I followed where he went. But he refused to join me in tasting the salads, calling himself a devout carnivore. The morning after he would confess to having proteinuria.

casti and lance

Light conversations and anecdotes dotted the night. Casti was emphatically explaining something to the crowd.

light-hearted discussion

Everyone cheered for the end of the IM era and the beginning of Rehab—with pretentious wine glasses at that!


Even if it wasn't yet time for dessert, Charlie, Agnes, and Bernie headed to the ice cream stalls.

ice cream

Notice the judgmental look on their faces as Bernie decided to literally dig into the ice cream. We called her the Ice Cream Digger that night.

ice cream digger

Now that we're on the subject of name-calling, this was Franco, whom we fondly call KFC (Kuya Franco Catangui), UPCM (UP Clerks' Monitor), O Great and Powerful Kisser, Patrick Garcia look-alike, and many more names that make him cringe on any given day.

franco aka kfc

Migz (the younger Catangui twin) and Jana, who also joined our festivity.

migz and jana

Bernie and Agnes, again!

two girls

We started calling Charlie Clarion Señor Santibañez, owing to his carpet-like chest hair. On our way to the restaurant he spotted a horse on the street and wondered why an animal was walking along UN Avenue that night. We explained that the horse was dragging a kalesa. He wanted to ride one. Later in the evening, when he learned that Casti is from Malolos, he said, "Talaga? Sa aklat ko lang nababasa 'yan"—his words exactly. The fact that he is from Davao and hasn't stayed long in Manila explains these remarks.

senyor santibanez aka charlie

Rich Chy had the time of his life, too. Since internship started he has been egging us that we go to an eat-all-you-can place. That dream came true. Thanks so much, Rich, for your wealth of knowledge when it comes to food places!


I like this photo of Casti that I took, which captured our emotions that night: light, happy, as if nothing was wrong with the world. Rich quipped that Casti looked like the action star Jeric Raval.


Agnes, the girl with the insatiable appetite, was looking at the plates of others. She would drag Charlie out of his chair so they could both resume food shopping again.

agnes and the look of gluttony

Tita Bern! She, too, had vast experience with anything culinary. When we walked beside her that night, we looked like her servants.

tita vern


rich with the straw

I was flanked by Casti and Charlie, both of them great eaters.

casti lance charlie

Agnes was being bullied by Franco. One of our favorite pastimes is to bully her. Her reactions are priceless.

agnes being bullied

A truly fun night!

buffet 101

In front of the mirror!


And so we end with one of my favorite block portraits.

block f

Block F for Fun, Food, and, uhm, Fasaway!



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