Friday, June 14, 2013

Internal Medicine Ward: Weeks 1 and 2 (May 29 - June 11, 2013)

OUR FIRST WEEK in Internal Medicine was harrowing. Handling up to ten patients per person was commonplace, and monitoring for four to six hours straight wasn't extraordinary--everybody was doing it, anyway, so why should we complain like ignorant hormonal teenagers? If we could survive this IM clerkless existence, we could probably survive the rest of internship.

I got to be reunited with old blockmates, people I've worked with for the past four years, friends whose existence partly defined my medical school experience. More than that, I got to work with new people from Block G, as well. I have a special fondness for Bisaya interns, and I immediately got along with Lox and Chris, both from the Cebu Institute of Medicine. Talking to them in the vernacular made me feel more at home. The rest of the PGI's, most of them hailing from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, were humble, industrious, and helpful; I felt so blessed to have met and worked with them.

I'll always remember Mayi's hysteria when she learned that new patients flooded the emergency room while she was on duty. Those patients would later populate majority of the ward beds, earning her the title "toxic magnet." She is in the process of coming to terms with that status. A deluge of patients from the ER? That's probably because Mayi is there.

Two days before they left for good I asked Agnes, our resident photographer, to organize a photoshoot immediately after the morning endorsements. Here are the photos! Thanks for sharing them, Agnes!

Internal Medicine with Blocks E and F

Back (from right): Agnes Custodio, Bernie Cid, Franco Catangui, Rich Chy, Charlie Clarion, Rich King, myself, Casti Castillo, Jegar Catindig, Migz Catangui
Front (from right): Mayi Hilario, Lennie Chua, Ching Ching, Carlos Cuaño, Joreb Cruz, Denden Dalmacion, Chris de Asis, Lox Andutan. Everyone was present except for Jocelle, who was busy admitting patients at the wards.

Internal Medicine with Blocks E and F

At the callroom!

Internal Medicine with Blocks E and F

Celebrating the twin brothers' birthday.

Internal Medicine with Blocks E and F

I'll see the rest of you when we rotate at the ER! Thanks for the grand time.

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