Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feedly is a great alternative to Google Reader

GOOGLE READER will be gone for good, and today is the last day I'm ever going to use it. The announcement was made around the time when the new pope was installed. The news saddened me, an avid blog reader, because Google Reader has been a reliable, reader-friendly RSS reader. I didn't have to visit individual websites; I just logged on to my Reader account, and I could read all the entries there.

What are good alternatives available?

I've tried The Old Reader. Because the site is fairly new, lots of maintenance work are on-going. While I like the interface, I find it rather slow.

Feedly is a better alternative, I think. It feels a lot like Reader, and the interface is even better. With just a click of a button I was able to transfer my Reader feeds to Feedly. The transition was smooth, and I took an instant liking to it.

Matt Perman (What's Bext Next) even suggests Digg Reader, which I haven't tried.

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