Thursday, March 21, 2013

I own various frames, so I have various personalities

I SAW this neat infographic at What's your personality?

I own several frames, which means I have several personalities.

1. I'M THE ARTIST HERE. Manong took this photo when we had Sunday lunch at Kanzhou, a restaurant along Timog Avenue. Try their hand-pulled noodles with beef brisket. I think it's "A1" on the menu.

My brother asked if I could promote Liberty Street Clothing (the shirt I'm wearing) in my blog. My brother's friends own and manage this enterprise. You can learn about the company through the main website or through Tumblr.

2. Still the artist. I'm with Michelle Tolosa (my left) and Vanessa Gumban (my right). No, make that Attorney Vanessa Gumban because she's just passed the Bar Exams. She was my partner in crime during my high school days, and I consider her one of my closest friends. We're so very proud of her. Congratulations, Vanessa. To God be all glory! 

3. The scholar. With Laxminarayan Bhandari (India) and Viktor Myakhanov (Siberia, Russia), friends I met during a conference in Leiden, the Netherlands. Thanks for the photo, Viktor!

4. Still the scholar. Taken during my Pediatrics ward rotation. Among my glasses, these had the smallest lenses. Socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdez came to visit the sick children last December. Based on the illustration above, she had drag queen glasses. I enjoyed Pedia.

5. The pacifist. I call these my Miriam glasses because they resemble those of the lady senator—not exactly a your pacifist kind of person. I'm with friends from church. Photo taken during one of our youth camps. From right: Meann Africano, Frances Bocobo, my brother, and Tal Mercado (who recently got engaged!).

6. Definitely hipster. This isn't mine, but someday it will be.



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