Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blast from the past: the 44th APMC Research Contest

THE FIRST TIME I'd been to UST was in 2011, when we presented our two research papers for the 44th Annual Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Convention Research Competition.

The contest happened two years ago, but I'm writing about it now because I had stumbled upon Migz Catangui's album in Facebook. I guess I'm in a state of perpetual reminiscing these days, processing and reflecting the four years that have passed. Time flies fast—too fast, in fact—that significant events like this easily blur in my memory, if I allow them to.

We knew next to nothing about the contest, except that we were encouraged to join to represent the school. It turned out to be a rather big event, with participants from various medical schools in the country. Here we were, late registrants at the booth.

We were at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, a huge building that was supposed to accommodate some 400 UST medical students all at once. There were many familiar faces there—I even spotted Ronald Jariol who was my classmate in elementary.

After a few minutes we were invited to a small lecture hall. We alternated between listening to the other entries . . .

And studying for our exam the next day.

We looked like we were taking notes, but all we wanted was to pass the end-of-module exam.

Carlos Cuaño presented the first study.

I presented the second one. Beside me was Casti Castillo, maker of the best presentation slides.

By God's grace, we won first prize that day. Here we were, celebrating at the lobby . . .

And the hallway. R-L, first row: Migz and Franco Catangui, Casti Castillo. Second row: Myself, Carlos Cuaño, Lennie Chua, Elizabeth Ching, Marvyn Chan, Des Dayag, Carlo de Guzman. Third row: Joreb Cruz, Glaiza de Guzman, Bryan Jay de Gracia, Denden Dalmacion, and Dalvie Casilang.

My research group in first year was practically my block in clerkship year. These friends, we go a long way. I hope to bump into all of them in internship. Onward, Block Three!

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