Sunday, February 24, 2013

Relaunching the Kalbo, Kalbo, Masamang Tao series on the day we looked decent

AFTER FOUR YEARS our uniforms already possess the dirty patina of time, some remnants of dried blood and smelly bodily fluids which I shall not enumerate here lest you vomit—oops, I just named one. Naturally we welcomed the opportunity to wear something decent other than our uniforms for the topic conference on placenta previa. The consultant was curious why we looked so good, Pinggoy breezed through the slides like a pro—so I take it that we did well that morning.

We had brunch after the conference and before the public health lecture. The restaurant's lighting was perfect for a photo shoot. Like ignorant, noisy high schoolers we took random shots of each other. Thankfully there weren't too many people around. I'm sharing some of the photos.

Some men from my block: Pinggoy Dañguilan, Jegar Catindig, Casti Castillo, myself, and Bryan de Gracia. My friends tell me I looked like an English schoolboy. Meanwhile, look for Crisostomo Ibarra!

block three men

With BJ, my roommate/blockmate. I punched him in the face, which explains the Band-Aid.

with roommate bj

Forced intimacy between Glaiza de Guzman and BJ, thanks to Denise Dalmacion who likes to play choreographer.

forced intimacy haha

The Most Wanted Clerks. Beware, future clerks and PGI's!

beware, future clerks and pgi's!

Relaunching the Kalbo, Kalbo, Masamang Tao series, which I began in November 2011. I'm with Pinggers and Casti.

kalbo kalbo masamang tao

Boxing match! Intense!

kalbo kalbo masamang tao

With Casti, my partner in crime these past rotations.

partners in crime

We went on to do a lecture on post-partum myths at Ward 16. We were surprised that many mothers still believe it's bad to take a bath after giving birth. The funniest myth we heard was: bawal kumain ng talong kasi mangingitim ang bata.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We got the same topic for our PHL and the funniest one was that: bawal manuod ng TV! :) -AA

Mon Feb 25, 08:28:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Go, Service A! Kawawang mga post-buntis.

Wed Feb 27, 06:05:00 AM GMT+8  

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