Saturday, February 2, 2013

In search of new glasses

I MIGHT buy new glasses any time soon. That's been on my checklist for the longest time. The last time I bought a pair was in September 2011. Incidentally Manong Ralph got new ones last week. I tried the glasses on, and they fit me well. I shall implore him to hand them to me once he gets sick of them—which I hope will happen very soon.

What frames am I looking for this time? Something black or brown, thick-rimmed, and light—and preferably not the kind that makes me look like a work for a multinational corporation. I'm thinking of glasses similar to the pictures below. I got most of them from the blog, Writers at Work, one of my favorite places in the Web.

Here's Dalton Trumbo. I wonder how studying in a bathtub feels like.

James Franco. He plays Allen Ginsberg in Howl.

William Zinser.

Martin Scorsese.

Woody Allen.

I just called my optometrist, but nobody answered. I called pretty early, anyway. I might try again sometime. Let's see what happens.

UPDATE! (February 3, 2013) I had one pair made last Saturday: thick-rimmed black frame with two studs in both corners. The frame is more rectangular than circular; the lenses are also bigger, but not too big to obscure my face. I hope to pick it up this week.

(February 9, 2013) Manong handed me my new pair. It fits nicely and it looks sturdy. I like it.

new glasses



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay, I want new glasses too but just my lenses cost 5k, stupid high myopia and astigmatism. And I already had cool glasses from Zenni at only around 3k but my ophtha gave me the wrong prescription so now I can't wear them. Grrr. -slf

Sat Feb 02, 03:13:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

I remember that pair! Buti na lang hindi ganoon kataas ang astigmatism ko. 'Yun ata ang nagpapamahal sa lenses.

Sun Feb 03, 09:06:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Linda said...

Das ist gar nicht so einfach die richtige Brille zu finden. Ich jedenfalls tue mich immer sehr schwer dabei.

Wed Jul 10, 06:59:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Atom said...

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Tue Oct 08, 03:40:00 PM GMT+8  

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