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On TV series and the first season of Suits

I'M ALWAYS ON THE LOOK-OUT for good TV series. By "good," I mean those shows with original plots, crazy characters, or funny punchlines. Depending on my mood, I enjoy both serious shows and sitcoms. Sometimes I want my shows to not require too much neuronal input; other times I want to get stressed watching them. The only requirement is that I should care for the characters and relate with them.

I don't particularly like drama, except for The Good Wife, and I have a special revulsion for shows with teenage lovers on them, like Gossip Girl, or anything to do with vampires, although I did get to watch some episodes of Vampire Diaries but was irritated by how the characters repeatedly mentioned "Elena" and "Katherine" like they were mantras. Among my favorite TV series thus far include (and this is in the order of how I love them): Breaking Bad, Generation Kill, The Good Wife, Gavin and Stacey, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory. Of course I watch many other shows in between, but I couldn't, for the love of me, beat my brother in this area.

I realize, too, that I'm not really a fan of shows with doctors on them, but I like House MD—unfortunately, though, not as much today as when it had first started. I've gotten tired of the sarcasm and the fact that the reason why it takes his team so long to diagnose the disease is they don't take a complete and thorough clinical history. I think of Grey's Anatomy as a show where doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital sleep among each other, but if there's one good thing about it, it's the soundtrack.

Just so you know, between legal and medical drama, I'd pick legal drama anytime.

Just recently, I started watching Suits, thanks to Ate Liw's suggestion.

Mike Ross (Peter Patrick J. Adams) is a college drop out who has photographic memory. There's a backstory to his getting kicked out of school, but he's doing some nasty stuff in the real world. In the pilot episode, we see him taking the LSAT, the law entrance exam, for somebody else, and he's getting paid for it.

His bestfriend Trevor is affiliated with a notorious gang. Desperate for money, Mike comes to Trevor for help, but there's one condition: Mike must agree to deliver an attache case full of marijuana. Mike doesn't know that he's being set up, and it's too late for Trevor to warn his friend against taking the deal.

So we see Mike Ross inside the hotel, ready to make the delivery, until he feels that something's not right. At the scene, he sees two people who may actually be police officers. He runs away from them as quickly as he can, until he finds himself in a room with filled with lawyers applying to be an associate for the prestigious Pearson Hardman firm. To escape the police, he grabs an application form and lines up for an interview.

There he meets Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a senior partner who wants an associate who thinks and works just like him. He sees potential in Mike and hires him, even if he knows that Mike hasn't been to any law school, let alone Harvard Law. He's going to be Mike's mentor, and while he doesn't admit this, he cares for Mike deeply.

Only the two of them know about Mike's secret—that Mike didn't go to law school at all—and both will take the secret to their graves. Until, of course, the truth finds its way out sooner than they think, which is what always happens.

Let's meet the characters.

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is the current Managing Partner of the firm. She has the final say in Pearson Hardman because, well, the company is named after her. She has a soothing voice, and I like it when she orders Harvey to "just do it" or "win the case," something she does every single episode.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is the jealous junior partner who has a funny lisp when he talks. Both Mike and Harvey hate his guts; he is also notorious among the associates. He has a weakness for beautiful women and expensive tickets for the opera or ballet.

Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) is the beautiful paralegal who has always wanted to be a lawyer but has not passed the LSATs. She helps Mike get through labyrinth of firm politics and paper work.

Rare are the shows without any love angle on them, and Suits isn't an exception. Here we see Mike and Rachel looking good together.

My favorite character is Harvey's secretary, Donna (Sarah Rafferty). She is a crazy, funny woman. Without her, Harvey wouldn't be where he is now: one of New York's top lawyers.

I've just finished the season one finale. I liked it. Very much.



Blogger Schubert said...

i find it dragging at times, but hey, i think it's still better than the chick flicks and teenybopper tales of late (dagdag mo na rin ang mga teleserye sa abs at gma)

Sun Jul 15, 08:15:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Tama ka diyan, Schubs! Ano'ng mga series na pinapanood mo?

Isang misteryo pa rin sa akin kung bakit hooked na hooked ang nanay ko sa mga teleseryeng iyan, lalo na kung bida si Coco Martin.

Sun Jul 15, 08:56:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Dale said...

Hi Lance, it's Patrick J Adams BTW...but love this show too...hopefully we get to air season 2 soon too meanwhile you can catch The Good Wife on Diva...we'll be marathoning the re-run of season 2 on August at 1am-6am Mondays hehe (sorry must plug)

Tue Jul 17, 03:30:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Haha, thanks for the correction, Dale! And the promotion!

Wed Jul 18, 04:29:00 AM GMT+8  

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