Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 14, 2012: Summer

Days have progressively gotten hotter these past weeks. The heat bids one to do adventurous things. Had I lived a different life, I would be on vacation now—frolicking at the beach, perhaps, or climbing mountains. But I have a couple of exams to prepare for, so I'm stuck in my room for the moment.

week 14, 2012: summer palm! week 14, 2012: blue skies

When boredom gets the better of me, I go my building's rooftop during the afternoon; it's one of my favorite places to unwind. The wind is cool and strong. There's peace and quiet, save for the infectious laughter of children wading in the pool or the hushed crying of scared lovers in the corner. And the things I'm reading about make much more sense.

week 14, 2012: from the top week 14, 2012: red sprinkler

The view from the top is beautiful. New buildings are constructed. The trains come and go. And I can see the hospital where I'm currently training: the Philippine General Hospital. It looks so calm from the outside. Inside the wards . . . well, that's another story.

week 14, 2012: construction week 14, 2012: philippine general hospital

After last week I resolved to give myself a one- or two-day break from any academic work. Studying all the things we took up this year for the 300-item, multiple choice, Powerpoint exam is close to impossible. There's just so much ground to cover. But I've determined to read up on topics that I will enjoy, not exactly those that will come out in the test. At least I will have fun. Also, I'll have something to take with me for the next year. O, that I would glorify the Lord with my discipline and motivation to study to honor His name (1 Corinthians 10:31).

week 14, 2012: bates



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