Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17, 2012: What I'm doing this summer break

One of my favorite pastimes, aside from sleeping, is taking solitary walks. It clears my mind and helps me meditate on God's timeless truths. I'm grateful because I have a lovely view surrounding me, mostly old, wooden houses built in the 50's, and which some members of the staff now occupy.

week 17, 2012: Old American houses

Valencia City is about 30 to 40 minutes away from where we're staying. I had to go there to settle some bills (and I figured I could do some exploring on my own), and Sir Clyde and Doctor Leslie Tauli offered me a ride. This was the view on the way. Although Valencia has more business establishments and looks more like the bustling city, it's hotter than Malaybalay.

week 17, 2012: View from Malaybalay City to Valencia City

The entire staff of Bethel Baptist Hospital has Monday and Friday devotions, which consist of singing classic Christian hymns, exhortation from Scripture, hospital-wide announcements, and prayer requests. Here Dr. Allan Melicor, one of doctors I aspire to become like someday, was expounding on Ephesians 6.

week 17, 2012: Friday Devotion week 17, 2012: Friday Devotion

Aside from the chance of seeing patients in the ambulatory setting, standing on guard at the ER, and going on 24-hour duty every three days, Abby and I have had our share of surgeries, too, which are mostly done on Thursdays and Fridays. What's unique in Bethel is that doctors and nurses pray before each surgery, just about the time before anesthesia is given to the patient. "We can only do so much; we have to ultimately rely on the Lord," said one of the surgeons.

week 17, 2012: Surgery

Here were some of the doctors—mostly females—I've worked with in Bethel. From right: Doctors Bea Tauli, Jane del Mundo, Leslie Tauli, Keziah Galorport, and Jenna Fernandez.

week 17, 2012: Doctors

In the afternoons, when I'm not on duty, I usually go out. Last Friday I jogged around the Provincial Capitol grounds, where I saw lots of kids playing football or baseball and families doing picknicks. An old and gracious lady we did proctoscopy with rectal imprint on (a diagnostic test for schistosomiasis) offered to pay for my multicab fare on the way to the Capitol. I went home feeling really healthy, until such time when I devoured the dinner prepared by Mama Dina and Inday.

week 17, 2012: Capitol Compound



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