Friday, August 12, 2011

Week 32: Still in Surgery

week 32 (history taking)
week 32 (glass) week 32 (OR) week 32 (pedia surgery) week 32 (before scrubbing in) week 32 (first incision ever on a human patient)

I published my 1000th blog post when I posted this a week ago, part of my on-going Week in Photos blog project. I should probably write a commemorative post of sorts to mark some of my blogging milestones—but that's for another time.

This week passed by quickly. I'm on my second week in Surgery, and I'm finding the experience worthwhile. The workload isn't as backbreaking, but it can get tough. And exciting. I keep telling my other classmates that they should look forward to their surgical rotations. It's a mix of theory and manual work.

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