Monday, August 29, 2011

Extended holiday—how I'm doing so far

It's 12:30 am, and I'm listening to Big Daddy Weave's Everytime I Breathe album. I like how the songs were written. The melodies are soothing.

Yesterday I accompanied my brother to a nearby mall for dinner. It was raining hard; I would've preferred to stay home, but it was going to be a long break anyway, so I made an exception.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant—his treat, of course—and it occurred to me that my palate loves this kind of cuisine: hot, spicy, cheesy, and saucy.


In the mall we saw people in costumes. I will always be amazed at people who go out of their way to dress themselves to resemble particular characters. That's something I probably won't ever do.

I suppose they're college kids trying to get out of their homes. I was glad they gladly obliged when I asked to take their photos taken.

It was still raining when we got home. Surprisingly the traffic wasn't as terrible.


I bought Waiter Rant: Behind The Scenes of Eating Out, an offshoot of the blog written by Waiter himself. The 40% discount was too hard to handle. I've been following the Waiter's blog for years now, and I've been his fan ever since. Before I go to sleep later, I will read a chapter or two of the book. The writing is excellent. He certainly has his way with words.

I had a blessed time in church today. People from the Single's Ministry (Solo Cristo Singles' Fellowship) were busy preparing for tomorrow's A Single Passion Conference. I'm attending the event. The theme is My Single Passion: To Know Christ.

If you wish to attend, you can drop by Higher Rock Christian Church along Timog Avenue. Registration fee is Php 350, inclusive of snacks, lunch, and conference materials. It's going to be worth it.

After the worship service, I had lunch with close friends from church, some of them married, a few of them soon-to-be, and all of them already working. It's amazing how much I learn from them. We ate at Empanada Nation, a restaurant along Scout Borromeo (if my memory serves me right). Aside from empanada, the place serves excellent bignet (which I jokingly pronounced as bee-nyay, in honor of Ate Liw who just got back from France).

I just met my high school classmates, Michelle and Vanessa, tonight. It was Michelle's post-birthday celebration, and she treated us to pasta and dessert. Michelle studies medicine in Ateneo, while Vanessa is on her last year in UP Law.

Later Michelle invited us to her place, and there I met Ate Gretch, her elder sister, a lawyer for an electric company.  I had a great time catching up with them. They were unanimous in thinking that I grew taller. To them, I will probably be that little kid from high school.

Praise be to God for His manifold blessings. I hope you're enjoying what remains of this extended holiday—wherever you are.

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